VARS & System Integrators

Maintainance Providers

MSP’s, ISP,s and VARs and Maintenance providers represent a pivotal channel for Spruce IT. In effect, the customer has outgrown or out-used their present IT assets — both large and small –and needs to be replaced and remarketed for its residual value. The importance of these VAR’s in an asset recovery process is owed to their role as another IT asset remarketing channel that extends into the aftermarket buyer pool.

Broadened Competition

In turn, this broadened competition helps assure our customers the maximum dollar return for their remarketed IT equipment. The added value of the equipment is the result of the VAR’s high tech equipment and the craftsmanship of their people. The IT equipment is then given a second life as a fully operational technology system available to the reseller’s customers.

Skilled Management, Strategically located, Excellent customer service.

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