Spruce IT Lifecycle Optimization

Cost & Values

The rapid pace of change overwhelms the most competent IT organizations with market changes requiring a constant focus on costs and value, yet information technologies should be leveraged as a weapon to advance the business globally. To help, Spruce provides Digital Asset Lifecycle Optimization Services – a unique blend of IT Asset Inventory and spot-market Valuation data, to position firms of all sizes with real-time intelligence to optimize their digital asset base for maximum ROI.

Case Study

“Big Data” expands exponentially primarily due to “unstructured” data (social media and connected sensors) the (traditional) storage architectures of many organizations are unable to effectively mine the data. Spruce monetizes the traditional assets through the global sale of Arrays and HDDs, enabling the organization to migrate to more nimble (In Memory & Flash) storage technologies capable of mining the hoards of unstructured data.

Spruce monetizes the traditional assets through the Global Sale 

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