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  • The commercial data stored in hard drives, USBs and CDs can contain confidential customer lists, HR-related information, trade secrets and financial information. On the other hand, personal data stored in such devices can be in the form of pictures, videos, personal messages, confidential emails and personal medical records. If such data is no longer needed, it should not only be removed but also destroyed through a certified destruction service.
  • Even when deleted, the storage drives can still have bits and pieces of data that can be restored and used by data recycling experts. Our experts ensure that the media inside the hard drives is completely destroyed so that it can never be recycled or restored.
  • Safe Document Destruction Service at Your Doorstep!
  • SpruceIT offers the ultimate solution to your concerns regarding secure data destruction service in USA.
  • Our Process: Our process of data destruction is completed in three simple steps:
  • 1: Decide the location
  • 2: Choose the destruction
  • 3: Get standard certification for recycling
  • Reliable Service: Inherent in our values is to exceed customer expectations through prompt, thorough and reliable service.
  • Our Goal: Our goal is simple, to have customer relationships that last forever. We believe in growing our business naturally by optimizing our service based on the recommendations of satisfied customers.
  • Our Customers: Our customer base is diverse and includes commercial, educational, and government organizations among others.
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