Enterprise Organizations

Seamless Execution

Spruce IT’s relentless approach and seamless execution of global, centralized solutions is perfect for many of today’s large, risk-conscious organizations. Our clients trust us to optimize their lifecycles, secure their data, meet their reporting and compliance needs, maximize their remarketing returns and recycle their equipment compliantly across the globe.

Annovative Approach

An innovative approach to upgrading your technology: Lifecycle optimization through timely asset refresh & resale.A challenging issue faced by IT managers is overcoming the resistance of top management to any meaningful expense in updating their company’s current IT equipment. The view among this level of management is that much money has already been invested in such equipment and they are unwilling to invest in more

Fails and Hards

They fail to see IT equipment as a money-creating asset so to them it’s just an expensive overhead.It’s not seen as a rich source of asset recovery revenue — right on their own premises — that can often greatly offset the cost of new IT equipment.

Remarketing Asset

Spruce IT is here to help. We retain a long list of corporate clients small, medium and large who, after management that controls the budget understands the recovery value of their current outmoded IT equipment, come to a much greater realization of its re-marketing asset value. And with this, the knowledge that involvement by their own personnel is absolutely minimal.

Spruce IT takes on the entire responsibility of the IT asset recovery process

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