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As a pragmatic business decision — driven by the need to stay competitive in the marketplace with a cost-effective budget — companies can usually be compellingly persuaded to find the budgetary allowance to transition some, if not all, of their IT equipment when it’s apparent that their current IT equipment no longer meets their needs. Educational institutions, on the other hand, are often restrained by tight budgets that are insufficient to allow the purchase of new IT equipment even in its most basic form, i.e., PCs, Notebooks, etc. When this is the case, an excellent opportunity is open to educators for the purchase of re-conditioned IT equipment at a cost far lower than that of new. “Re-conditioned” certainly does not mean inferior — not by a long shot

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This equipment has been thoroughly conditioned by expert IT technicians to the point that it operates at a quality equal to that of new at a price certain to keep within the tightest education budget. At Spruce IT, we see it as our social obligation to make every effort possible to assure that the technological objectives set forth by educators for their students are in no way hampered by budgetary constraints.

  • Reconditioned IT equipment best bet for educators to accommodate the constraints of tight budgets.
  • Second-user IT equipment performs like new at a drastically reduced cost.
  • Obligation to assure students a high level of advanced computer-centered knowledge for real-world applications.
  • No equipment too basic for purchase as reconditioned.
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