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Assessment of the Positive Impact of Circular Computing

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Prevention of Kgs of Carbon Emissions

It is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions. In circular computing, laptops are remanufactured to prevent the carbon emissions caused by the production of new laptops. It preserves the environment and offers a cost-effective alternative to buying a new laptop.


Conservation of Litres of Water

The production of a new laptop leads to hefty water losses. It can be easily avoided through circular computing. Since this process does not require water for extraction, refining and production processes, it leads to water conservation.


Reduction in Carbon Emissions

By not buying a new but remanufactured laptop that is almost as good as the new one, you will save your cost and play an active part in reducing the carbon footprint. On average, the production of one laptop causes 331Kgs of carbon emission. Be happy, you are not a contributor to carbon emissions.


New Trees Planted Through Our Reforestation Partnerships

When you purchase our remanufactured laptops, you don’t compromise on quality. In addition, you get an opportunity to give back to the environment. With our reforestation partnerships, we plant trees with the help of funds generated through selling our circular computing laptops.


Tons of Resource Preservation

A lot of critical minerals and other valuable resources will be preserved if the number of new laptops produced goes down. Circular computing is cost-effective, eco-friendly and a sustainable economic option.


Zero e-Waste Produced

Zero e-waste is produced during the remanufacturing of our circular computing laptops. This is one of the greatest advantages of circular computing.