Spruce IT Global Asset Remarketing


treeSpruce IT has built an unsurpassed industry reputation on maximizing asset recovery values on behalf of our clients, for every type of IT equipment — from Smartphones to Tablets, Notebooks and PCs and up to your most sophisticated Datacenter equipment including servicers, storage and network assets. To this end, we have established very strong relationships with multiple IT equipment re-marketing dealers, both domestic and international. This network of trusted contacts enables us to pinpoint specific buyers based upon equipment type and geographic location resulting in the most lucrative asset recovery value for your re-marketed IT equipment. Our broad buyer network provides mutual benefit as it affords us the leverage to negotiate the highest value for your surplus assets, while providing the buyers with equipment they’ve come to trust.

Our clients consist of OEM’s, IT leasing companies, equipment refurbishes, top- tier corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions at every level. And Spruce IT assures you that the fair market recovery value we’ve negotiated is in your hands without undue delay. Likewise, all negotiating price particulars are precisely spelled out and provided to you in a detailed Resale Report.