Leasing Companies


Our acquisition optimization services reduce your up-front equipment cost and back-end residual risk while our end-of-lease program simplifies the complex and time-sensitive return process, strengthening client relationships and reducing client run rates, while increasing profits for our lessor partners and assuring the lessee’s that all data will be 100% eradicated. Our global network position our lessors to provide seamless services for the largest of multi-national clients.

Gain an edge on each deal with your customers

Our lessor clients have come to recognize that Spruce IT unfailingly provides them with the highest dollar return on their residual investments as well as their end-of-term IT assets.

Our entire asset recovery procedure, from IT equipment pick-up at the leasing company’s location, to the detailed auditing/tracking process, to refurbishing and repair, is reliably performed in a professionally orchestrated manner, noticeably facilitating the re-marketing of these assets to retailer customers.

We thoroughly understand the critical importance of our leasing company customers’ expectations of the highest value recovery in the shortest time possible – through a highly efficient IT asset management transition program.

  • Total control from start to finish of asset recovery process.
  • Competing buyers leads to maximum re-marketing value.
  • Superior customer satisfaction.
  • Strictly controlled IT equipment auditing program.