About Us


Spruce IT company was founded in 2001 to provide professional services to global enterprises committed to optimizing their digital infrastructures while mitigating their associated risks. The driving principle behind the formation of Spruce IT was, and still is, to be a full-solution provider for every aspect of your IT Life Cycle. That means a single contact point for the entire refresh process.

Spruce’s value is enhanced by our WBE and MBE status and our independent, vintage-neutral and vendor-agnostic position. We are not a VAR that recently entered the ITAD market, nor are we an ITAD provider that aggregated small providers in a reach to be “global” for an exit strategy, nor are we a recycler expanding into resale. Spruce IT has no hidden agenda, nor are we a follower, we lead with vision acutely focused on the agenda of our customers, large and small. Our corporate office is strategically located in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Customer ServiceAward Winning Alliance PartnersThink Globally / Act LocallyOur Commitment
We greatly value our customers and their businesses. Inherent in our company’s value system is the desire to exceed customer’s expectations through prompt, thorough and reliable service. Our goal is simple, to have customer relationships that last forever. We believe in growing our business naturally by relaying on satisfied customer’s recommendations.
Spruce IT has partnered with OEM certified vendors with global recognition, and have earned great respect from their customers for the reliability of their products, customer service, and innovative technologies, from cradle to grave.
Spruce IT can provide Technology refresh consulting services for customer in entire Pennsylvania and fifty states. We are your one stop vendor for cradle to grave IT solutions, with local support. Our sales team can visit you and review your needs at your door step or using virtual meeting technology. Our technical team is always available to provide pre-and -post implementation support to ensure smooth transition your new IT infrastructure. Our friendly staff is available Monday thru Friday, in normal and extended business hours. Customers can reach us by phone or by email. We will work with customers to accommodate their busy schedules. Our tech people can trouble shoot most issues by phone, but if there is a need for an onsite visit a technician will be available in the shortest possible time.
Spruce IT is committed to providing strategies that empower our clients to maximize their IT budgets so as to garner competitive advantage as cost-effectively as possible.